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Our customized services begin with a consultation to determine the optimal styling and conditioning needs based on your face, lifestyle, structure, and hair type. Next you will receive a shampoo and conditioning followed by a precision cut and style to finish.

Master Stylists $50

Hair Styling

We style hair for any occasion, whether it is a blow dry, setting some curls, or putting it up for a special event. We take the time to be sure you look your best.

Blow dry/Thermal styling $35
Updo: $65
Flat Iron $15 with haircut or blow dry

Hair Coloring

There is a wide range of color services and we are always expanding to meet the needs of our progressive clientele. Whether you want your haircolor to whisper or shout, our goal is to deliver the best in color services to enhance the image that suits your lifestyle.

Single Process Color:
Virgin application beginning at $70
Retouch (regrowth application) beginning at $60
Refreshing ends $15
Color Gloss $55

Double Process Blonding:
Beginning at $90

Highlighting and Dimensional Coloring

Specific looks in highlighted or dimensional hair require certain placement, sectioning, and quantity. We have different categories of highlight services so that you may choose what is best for you.

T-section highlights: The natural way to place highlights on the visible top and sides.
Beginning at $65

Crown section: Places highlights throughout the top of the head from the temples to the crown.
Beginning at $80

Full head: From top to bottom, this application adds highlight and dimension throughout the hair. Beginning at $95

Single foil application: A good way to accentuate, or put an exclamation point on the statement that is your hair. $5 each

Additional color or toning is an extra charge.

Color Correction

Specialized color service to remove or correct an undesired haircolor result no longer entails the time and expense of the past. New technologies allow us to safely remove specific dyes from the hair safely and without damage. Because of the nature of color correction however, we require a special consultation to assess and prescribe the right color formulation and care regimen to restore the color shine and condition of the hair

A color pricing invoice available upon consultation.

Texture Services

Waves and curl…some want them, and some don’t. Our texture services range from permanent body and texture waves to chemical relaxing, curl removal, and thermal straightening. With the many choices we offer today we can give you the hair you have always wanted.

Pravana Perfection Thermal Straightening
Price begins at $200

Anticurl Curl Adjuster:
Beginning at $75

Permanent wave:
Standard wrap:
Beginning at $90

Custom wrap prices upon consultation

Hair Extensions

We are proud to offer Great Lengths 100% human hair hair extensions. They are the highest quality available on the market today. Hair extensions can either be for lengthening or adding volume and fullness, along with color effects. Our extension specialist can customize the amount and type of extensions based on your needs. Come in for a free consultation.

Brow and Lash Services

Eyebrow arch: $18
Upper lip: $15
Chin wax: $15

Brow Tint $10

Nail Services

Manicure: $22
Polish Change $12
Pedicure $45

Shellac Manicure $40

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